The Five Phase Production Process


The Five Phase Production Process

Purchasing & Logistics

ACS Industries, Inc. is the world’s largest vertically integrated knitted wire mesh manufacturer.  Through our unique Five Phase Production Process, we leverage our resources to provide our customers with the highest value-added and most cost-effective engineered knitted wire mesh solutions available.  From sales to distribution, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the most that knitted wire mesh has to offer. 

Phase I: Technical Sales and Engineering

At ACS, the design process starts with the customer.  After initial contacts are made, our technical sales staff goes to work collecting customer specifications and concerns and handing them over to our industry leading research and development department.  From there, our design and applications engineers create a solution that is both highly functional and cost effective.  In addition, all tooling and required equipment are designed in built in-house.  By eliminating lead times and outsourcing costs traditionally associated with these processes, ACS ensures projects go from print to prototype quickly.

Phase II: Raw Materials Processing

A key differentiator, ACS is the world’s largest vertically integrated knitted wire mesh manufacturer.  Instead of placing orders for “finished” fine wire, we buy 5.5mm (0.217”) “raw” wire rod in various alloys and draw it down in-house to diameters as fine as 0.043mm (0.0017”).  Given the global demand for steel today, our ability to draw wire internally provides for optimally controlled cost, lead time and quality.

ACS supports the wire drawing operation by further vertical integration, specifically through the manufacture and maintenance of diamond wire drawing dies.  In addition to wire drawing, we also produce our own expanded metal, stamping and stretching metal strip into precision crafted materials.  Our Phase II capabilities ensure three main competitive advantages:

  1. Our materials costs are the lowest in industry.
  2. Our materials lead times are the lowest in the industry.
  3. Compared to our competition, our control of critical raw materials results in superior product quality.

Phase III: Knitting and Pressing

ACS has over 550 knitting machines, 200 presses and dozens of custom machines for related production processes.  All of our knitting machines, press tooling and much of our other equipment was designed and built entirely in-house.  We are the only knitted wire mesh manufacturer in the entire world that has this capacity and capability.  In addition, we employ the most experienced process and industrial engineers in the industry enabling us to design, build and maintain all of our manufacturing equipment in-house.  As a result, our turn around times for custom tooling and machine maintenance is minimal.

Phase IV: Distribution

ACS is a true multi-national corporation.  With regional sales offices throughout the world and production facilities in Monterrey, Mexico and Shanghai, China, we have positioned ourselves to satisfy customer needs in every geographic region quickly and cost effectively.  Additionally, we are equipped to handle just-in-time shipping to our customers as required.

Phase V: Total Quality Commitment

In every phase of operation, ACS is committed to total quality management.  As a corporation, streamlined daily business functions from manufacturing to back-office management allow us to maximize the value we offer our customers.

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