Engineering & Testing

The world leader in engineered knitted wire mesh solutions, ACS Industries, Inc. maintains the industry’s leading Research & Development and Quality Control Departments.  One of our critical competitive advantages is our engineering capabilities which provides our customers with an active partner in new product development and allows us to meet tighter quality standards and increases our ability to handle customers increasing just-in-time requirements.

ACS' research and development process is truly a global effort, incorporating assets from all of our worldwide locations:

  • Lincoln, RI: ACS' design and applications engineers create concepts, make prototypes and design tooling for new products.
  • Monterrey, Mexico: prints are sent to our fully equipped, state of the art machine shop where all tooling and the majority of our equipment is built.  Prototypes, manufactured here as well, are returned to RI for testing.
  • Shanghai, China: with global sourcing for manufactured goods shifting towards the Pacific Rim, ACS is leading the way with basic testing capabilities at our Chinese facility.

For advance work and new product development, our Lincoln facility is equipped with the knitting, pressing, heat treating, filter rolling, and other equipment necessary to simulate our mass-production environments in Mexico and China.  Because we keep the entire process in-house, ACS can maintain its industry leading tooling and prototyping lead times and cost savings while delivering our customers the highest level of engineering support.  In addition, because our reputation is tied to our quality, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.


A partial list of our R&D and QC tools follows:


Computerized Aided Design (CAD) & Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Depending on customer specifications and the availability of customer prints, we have in-house 2D and 3D CAD capabilities.  For advanced engineering, we utilize Finite Element Analysis software.  This “pre-engineering” technology eliminates lag-times and costs associated with retooling and unnecessary prototyping.

Computerized Measuring & Imaging Devices

Used for both research and development and quality control, ACS utilizes a variety of computerized measuring devices.

Browne & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM): used to create exact images of existing products and to check dimensions on curved or angled attributes.

Motic Digital B-1 Compound Microscope: featuring a quadruple nosepiece, coaxial focusing and an integrated USB camera, this microscope allows our engineers to see the effect coatings and other treatments have on materials.

Optical comparator: accurately measures round or angled edges. 

Hot-Vibration Testing

The gold standard in exhaust component, heat shield isolator and vibration dampener testing, ACS does all of our own hot-vibration testing at our Lincoln facility.  This computer controlled and monitored machine has a rated force of 15,000 lbf, a frequency range of 5-3,000 Hz, 150G free table acceleration, 1100˚C burner capacity and an integrated water quench to best simulate real life applications.

Compression & Tensile Testing

The defining characteristics of wire and knitted wire mesh, compression and tensile strength dictate how a particular product will react given certain stresses.  Used extensively in both design and production, ACS relies on Instron® Load Frames to measure and collect this important data.

Exhaust Seal Leak Testing

Used to test static and flex joint seals, this test bench measures leaks caused by fixed and oscillating loads, thermal effects and can also perform multi-dimensional tests.  The bench also can be customized with actual fittings provided by or designed for our customers.

Gas Flow Bench  

Used to measure a wide range of flows and pressure drops, this bench forces air through elements and calculates the difference between the unadulterated inflow and resulting outflow.  This capability is particularly suited for optimizing knitted wire mesh substrate geometry, size and orientation and can also measure back pressure.

Capillary Flow Porometer

Used to measure gas and liquid permeability this remarkable machine conducts bubble point testing, characterizes pores and performs pressure hold and leak rate tests.  The data it provides offers an invaluable look at filter and flow characteristics.

Thermo Mechanical Analyzer

Providing a maximum force of 5.8N and a maximum service temperature of 1500˚C, this fully automated machine provides information on heating characteristics.  Outfitted with a quartz sample probe, this air cooled machine provides constant, linear ram, sine wave and combination force loading models.

Particle Size Analyzer

This S 3500 Microtrac® enhanced multi-laser particle size analyzer measures filling, de-aeration, dilution, pre-circulation, ultrasonic sample dispersion, draining and rinsing.  It performs wet particle analysis and can measure from 40nm – 2800 microns.

Digital Viscometer

Used to measure the thickness of compounds, slurries and liquids, this measuring device allows our engineers to custom tailor knitted wire mesh filters for specific applications.

Other Equipment

Other equipment include a Niton Gun for determining wire and alloy types, a hardness tester used in the wire drawing process and a wide variety of ovens and furnaces for testing and producing heat-treated parts.  ACS is dedicated providing our customers with the in data and quality they need.  As such, we will add equipment to our labs as warranted.

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