Knitted Wire Mesh Mufflers And Silencers

Commonly referred to as acoustic noise, sound is a series of waves that bounce from one surface to another.  Knitted wire mesh mufflers and silencers provide enough accessible surfaces that these waves always have something else to bounce off, effectively trapping them inside of the element.  Used primarily on small engines or motorized tools, wire types are selected to meet specific operating requirements such as extreme temperatures and corrosive agents.  For optimal performance, a polymer coating is applied to wires before knitting to dampen resident frequencies within the knitted element itself.


The world leader in engineered knitted wire mesh solutions, ACS Industries, Inc. has the experience and know-how to design mufflers and silencers for any application.  The world’s largest vertically integrated knitted wire mesh manufacturer, we also have the capacity and capability to take projects from design to distribution – in-house every step of the way.

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