Tadpole And Dumbbell Gaskets

ACS Industries, Inc. manufactures Rectangular Gaskets in both solid knitted wire mesh and knitted wire mesh/elastomer constructions.  Solid mesh gaskets offer the strength and durability necessary for applications in corrosive, temperate or otherwise hostile environments.


For applications where environmental conditions are not factors, a less robust mesh or elastomer over-knit with knitted wire mesh is recommended.  A combination mesh/elastomer round gasket is also preferable for applications requiring frequent assembly and disassembly or where compression is a primary consideration.


Tadpole Gaskets are essentially round gaskets with tails.  Dumbbell Gaskets are round gaskets connected by strip of mesh.  They are primarily found in applications using riveting or clamping.


The world leader in engineered knitted wire mesh solutions, we have the capacity and capability to produce EMI/RFI shielding various alloys.  The world’s largest vertically integrated knitted wire mesh manufacturer, we have the capacity and capability to manufacture all of our wire in-house.

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