Insulation Mesh

Knitted wire mesh is an ideal removable and reusable insulation material.  Manufactured from alloys chosen for specific operating environments, knitted wire mesh is particularly effective in temperature extremes or in corrosive environments.  Due to its construction, knitted wire mesh is also inherently flexible and durable.  For R&R insulation pads, customized items that are frequently removed and reinstalled and have to fit almost any dimensions, these characteristics are more than just appealing.  


The world’s largest vertically integrated knitted wire mesh manufacturer, ACS Industries, Inc. draws our own wire and builds our own equipment.  This key differentiator gives us the ability to meet virtually any customer requirement and allows us the flexibility to custom tailor mesh per requirement.  We can accommodate standard wire diameters (.0045” to .011”) and custom diameters (.0017” to .062”).  We can also knit in sizes ranging from 1” to 42”.

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