Medium Weight Fiberglass Fabric


This material conforms with the following specifications:

  1. USGC #164.009
  2. UL-723
  3. NFPA #701
  4. UL-214
  5. MIL-I-24244
  6. MIL-C-20079H, Type 1, Class 9

Typical Properties

Maximum Temperature1100°F
Weight18 oz./sq. yd.
Thickness0.030 inches
Construction20 x 14
Width60 inches
Tensile Strength200 * 100 (W * F)

This information is given in good faith and believed to be accurate. It is intended for useby persons skilled in the art of fabricating and appluing removable/reusable insulation or like products. We do not imply or express a license to operated under or infringe on any patents that may apply.

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