ACS Automotive Components

ACS offers a wide range of automotive components ranging from hot and cold end exhaust parts, to noise vibration harshness solutions, to occupant safety systems including pyrotechnic airbag inflator filters and seat belt cables. ACS designs, builds and maintains all production equipment in our in-house machine shop in Monterrey, Mexico. This arrangement generates cost savings, efficiency boosts, and greatly diversified capabilities so that we can quickly scale production on the perfect parts for your application.

Our world-class team of engineers are involved early and often in each of our projects making sure we understand your product requirements inside and out before delivering a prototype.

Over our 40 years of experience as a trusted supplier to the auto industry we have been continually refining our processes to satisfy the highest level of quality standards from IATF to ISO and beyond.

Exhaust After-Treatment


Occupant Safety Systems

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