Enabling Noble Industries

At ACS Industries, Inc., we manufacture critical components used in systems assemblies for a wide range of products spanning Green Energy, Clean Air Exhaust, Vehicle Safety and more.

ACS is driving down the cost of H2 production by improving the design of mesh components in Electrolyzer Anodes and Cathodes. Our world-class R&D department is continually working on new ways to increase effectiveness and lower the cost of mesh substrates in electrolyzers. Our novel MicroExpan™ metal expanding technology produces optimal porous transport layers for high throughput anode packs in PEM electrolyzers and further breakthroughs are on their way.

ACS’s Automotive Division specializes in both Vehicle Safety and Exhaust Components. We are the world leader in pyrotechnic airbag filters. We also offer stamped and woven seatbelt cable assemblies, as well as a complete array of hot and cold-end exhaust seals, gaskets, and urea mixing mesh layers. Additionally, ACS offers a catalogue of NVH and insulation products.

As the world’s largest vertically integrated knitted wire mesh manufacturer, we design, build, and maintain all our manufacturing equipment in-house. We boast a wider array of capabilities and expertise than any of our competitors. These comprehensive capabilities result in cost savings that we pass on to our customers, added product customization options, and the opportunity to simplify and consolidate your supply chain.

See how ACS can help your organization accomplish it’s manufacturing goals.