Hot End Exhaust Seals & Gaskets


Wastegate/Active Exhaust


Mixers and Emissions Control


Cold End Seals and Gaskets


Muffler Insulation

Exhaust After-Treatment

At ACS, we have supplied after-treatment exhaust system components to automotive OEMs and Tier I Suppliers since our first knitted wire mesh support systems came to market in 1975.  Since then, our exhaust component products have established themselves in both on- and off-highway applications throughout the world.

Our After-Treatment Exhaust System Mounting Components will continue to play a key role as global emissions requirements tighten. Below you will find some samples of our capabilities. Please contact us to learn more.

Hot End Exhaust Seals & Gaskets

From our gas-tight, patented V-Seal technology to engineered axial support ring, these compressed knitted wire mesh elements can be tailored to meet specific gas leakage and mounting pressure requirements.

Wastegate & Active Exhaust Bushings

Knitted mesh can also be combined with graphite and mica for bushing solutions, effective to facilitate rotation and lubricity in turbocharger wastegates and active exhaust systems.

Mixers & Thermal Insulators

As global emissions requirements continue to tighten, the demand for various after-treatment systems will grow. As an example, our mesh mixer (right) diffuses the flow of injected urea, enabling reduced tailpipe emissions.

Cold End Seals & Gaskets

At ACS, we produce compressed, knitted wire mesh elements. These are inserted between the pipes to act as a cushion from shock and vibration, as well as to absorb any thermal expansion differences.

Muffler Components

As the next step in muffler packing technology, our High-Performance Muffler Sleeves offer all of the acoustic properties of steel wool with the strength and durability of mesh.

DPF/SCR Retainer Rings

ACS offers both radial & axial mesh retainer rings to protect & support ceramic substrates for gasoline or diesel aftertreatment systems.

If you would like to know more about any of our automotive products, please contact us at:

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