Occupant Safety Systems

At ACS, we are the world’s preeminent manufacturer of pyrotechnic airbag inflator filters, coolants, and cushions. Additionally, we are the only one to offer all the preferred filter media of knitted wire mesh, woven wire mesh, micro expanded metal, and sintered wound-wire.  Although our designs are used primarily to cool and remove particulate from post-combustion inflation gas flow, some may also serve as propellant retainers.  All of these mentioned elements are critical to safe and effective airbag deployments. In addition to recommending a filter media for a specific application, our design and applications engineers also design all tooling and most required production equipment in-house.  Due to our fully-staffed, in-house machine shop, our tooling lead times and costs are the most competitive in the industry.

Airbag Filter Technologies

We are the only manufacturer of Pyrotechnic Airbag Inflator Filters that have a complete line of filter designs:

  • Knitted Wire Mesh
  • Woven Wire Mesh
  • Sintered Wound Wire
  • Expanded Metal

Seat Belt Cable Assemblies

Based on our extensive history in the OSS market, we have developed the following robust, well-tested process to manufacture flexible bracket parts:

  • Tool controlled dimensions and critical features
  • 100% inline part inspection with one-piece flow
  • Integrated poka-yokes throughout the production process

Thermal Runaway Collars

We have taken the expertise gained through decades of leading the Pyrotechnic Airbag Inflator Filter market and applied it to thermal runaway protection for electric vehicle batteries.

Our Thermal Runaway Collars consist of:

  • Expanded metal manufactured with our patented Variable Expanded Metal™ process or
  • Crimped knitted mesh

Offering the benefits of:

  • Jet flame elimination
  • Low backpressure
  • Prevents chain reactions across battery cells
  • Protects battery housing from damage
  • Greater safety for electric vehicle operators