ACS Industries leverages its extensive experience, efficient processes, and production scale to deliver cost-effective PEM electrolyzer components, as well as Alkaline, AEM, and Solid Oxide electrolyzer solutions. This includes the design and manufacturing of anodes, cell components, stack hardware, and complete electrolyzer assemblies.

We are a high volume, vertically integrated global manufacturer of key anode, cathode, and assembly components for PEM electrolyzers including:

  • Expanded metal flow field layer
  • Novel alternative to sintered Porous Transport Layers (PTL), resulting in:
    • Planar contact with coated catalyst membrane (CCM): surface roughness in the tens of nanometers, as opposed to traditional surface roughness of tens of micrometers in sintered PTL’s which provides:
      • Increased efficiency
      • Uniform catalyst utilization
      • Longer-term operation without thinning of catalyst layer
      • High differential pressure operation
    • Fully controllable pore size and porosity:
      • Possibility to create porosity gradient across PTL
    • Higher in-plane and out of plane electronic conductivity
    • Reduced layer thickness without decreasing lifespan or increasing part failure
    • Lower tortuosity than sintered PTL’s
  • Stamped bipolar plates
  • Stack hardware
    • End plates
    • Rods
    • High precision flat plates
  • Mass produced assemblies of these parts utilizing:
    • Diffusion bonding
    • Welding

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