High Temperature Sewing Thread


  • 2000°F Plus Service
  • Excellent for long-term outdoor exposure
  • Compatible for all industrial sewing machines

At ACS, we manufacture our ST-304 and ST-INC High Temperature Sewing Thread with ten strands of 0.0018” wire. In order to prevent metal-to-metal wear, this wire is both wound in a unique fashion as well as covered with three flame retardant polyester threads. Furthermore, we use silicone to coat both our ST-304 and ST-INC High Temperature Sewing Thread to ensure smooth operation.

ST-304 Uses:
In order to ensure optimal use, we designed our High Temperature Sewing Thread to be compatible with high temperature Removable and Reusable Insulation Blankets. As a result of their resistance capacities, our Blankets are used in the aerospace, commercial, industrial and marine industries.

ST-INC Uses:
In addition to all the uses of the ST-304, we included Fire Proofing Pads in our ST-INC High Temperature Sewing Thread design for extremely high temperature resistance.

Features and Benefits:

We offer our High Temperature Sewing Thread with the following features. These benefits allow for our product to maintain its integrity after long-term exposure to outside elements.

  • Polyester jacketing to protect sewing machine guides from metal-to-metal contact
  • Lubricant for smooth passage of thread
  • Reduced downtime from thread breakage
  • Increased productivity
  • Resistance to high heat, temperature cycling, mildew, aging, alkalis, chlorides and many other liquids and gases

Physical Properties


ST-30410 Strands0.0018” Dia.304SS
ST-INC10 Strands0.0018” Dia.Inconel 600

Temperature Limitations:



ST-304 Approx. 6500 LFT per lb
ST-INC Approx. 6100 LFT per lb

Overall Diameter: 0.015”
Break Strength: 8 lb
Elongation: 10%

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