Industrial Stamping

Industrial stamping is a powerful process utilizing specialized presses and custom designed dies to transform sheet metal into precise and consistent shapes. At ACS Industries, we leverage our expertise in automotive and industrial stamping to produce a wide range of components, catering to diverse applications.

Our 200-Ton Presses Deliver Power and Precision

Our in-house facility utilities 200-ton presses, capable of generating the immense force required to shape even the most challenging materials. This helps ensure every stamped part maintains consistency and compliance, while meeting the strictest tolerance demands.

Beyond Seat Belt Ferrules and Tailgate Cables

While we are known around the world for our ability to manufacture seat belt anchors and tailgate cables, our capabilities extend far beyond these examples. We have the expertise and equipment to create a vast array of industrial stamped parts, including NVH dampening automotive components, insulation products, plates used in green energy machinery such as electrolyzers and fuel cells, and more.

Leverage ACS Industries for Your Industrial Stamping Needs

If you require high-quality metal-stamped parts, look to the experts at ACS Industries:

Quality you can trust – we prioritize rigorous quality control measures throughout the entire industrial stamping process, working to ensure every part meets your exact specifications.

Versatility and customization – our expertise allows us to work with diverse materials and create custom dies to produce unique and complex shapes.

High-volume production capacity – our powerful presses and efficient processes enable us to meet even the most demanding production requirements.

Experience and commitment – with years of experience in industrial stamping, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and solutions.

Contact Our Industrial Stamping Experts

Contact us today to discuss your unique specifications and discover how our industrial stamping expertise can benefit your business. Our team of experts is here to answer your questions and help you find the right industrial stamping solution to meet your needs.