Seat Belt Anchors, Wire Cable & Stamped Ferrules

At ACS, our vertically integrated process allows us to have high quality and controlled performance from start to finish. Unlike our competition, we draw our own wire, strand the wire into cable, and stamp our own ferrules. Then, we manufacture and quality test the final assembly, in-house. All of our stamped Occupant Safety Systems feature the following quality measures, making them the reliable choice for seat belt anchors and other safety-critical applications:

  • Tool controlled dimensions and critical features
  • 100% inline part inspection with one-piece flow
  • Integrated poka-yokes throughout the production process

Seat Belt Anchors

We manufacture flexible bracket parts for use in automotive seat belt anchors, which pair with our airbag inflator filters to provide the highest standard of Occupant Safety Systems. Our seat belt anchoring assemblies are stamped on our in-house 200 ton presses. This means that we offer competitive pricing and lead time. Get in Touch with our team to take advantage of our industry-leading production process.

Tailgate Cables

At ACS, with our experience in producing seatbelt ferrules for the Automotive Safety Industry, we know there is little margin for error. We produce our tailgate ferrules with specially designed, in-house machinery, allowing us to meet your specifications. The process we apply is the same in all our Fully-Certified Production Facilities, ensuring that our quality is top of the line. Contact us today to find out how ACS can help you.

Reach Out to Our Experts

For inquiries about our customizable seat belt anchors and wire cable products, contact our knowledgeable team using the form below. We are here to provide guidance and assist you in finding the right solutions to meet your unique requirements.