Noise Vibration Harshness

At ACS, our patent pending single-rivet heat shield isolator and production process are revolutionizing isolation and vibration dampening/noise vibration harshness (NVH) technology.  In order to improve existing assemblies, our innovative design eliminates both the multiple-piece constructions and their costly assembly process.

What is Noise Vibration Harshness?

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) is used to describe the experience and measurement of unwanted noise, vibration and harshness in various systems and products, particularly in the automotive industry. This is sometimes referred to as noise attenuation. Noise vibration harshness refers to the evaluation of noise levels, vibrations and discomfort that may arise from factors such as engine operation, road conditions, aerodynamics and mechanical components. Important to product development and design, reducing noise vibration harshness contributes to the enhanced comfort, quality and performance of vehicles and other mechanical systems.

Explore Our Noise Vibration Harshness Solutions

As a trusted supplier to some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs, ACS Industries offers a range of products for NVH reduction. In addition to our patent-pending single-rivet heat shield isolator, our solutions include:

Knitted Wire Mesh 
Removable and Reusable Insulation 
Cold End Seals and Gaskets 
Muffler Insulation

Our engineering team brings extensive experience and expertise to every project. With a commitment to innovation, we often provide unique solutions to reduce noise, vibration and harshness, enhance production efficiency and optimize end-product performance. With ACS, you can rely on our dedicated experts to deliver solutions that meet your requirements and improve operational success.

Contact Us About Noise Vibration Harshness Solutions

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