ACS Hydrogen Solutions


At ACS we create critical components for a variety of energy storage applications. Using various alloys and our wide range of expertise, our global team can design and produce parts made specifically to fit your green energy storage needs.


Some of our available fuel cell applications include:

  • Expanded metal for current collectors
  • Knitted wire as a superior alternative to nickel foam
  • Flexible buss bars
  • Automation of production including tab welding to expanded material
  • Shielding mesh
    • Shock absorption
    • Thermal runaway protection


ACS is now leveraging our expertise in knitted wire mesh, woven wire, and expanded metal to support Green Hydrogen Production. ACS designs and produces anodes, cell components, stack hardware, and assemblies of PEM, Alkaline and Solid Oxide Electrolyzers, using our scale, experience, and continuously improving process efficiency to drive down the cost of hydrogen production.


ACS produces a variety of components for alkaline electrolysis using a combination of expanded metal, wire knitting and weaving:

  • Cell Components
    • Expanded metal or woven wire electrodes
  • Knitted mesh elastic elements
  • Formed separating plates
  • Assemblies of the above


We are a high volume, vertically integrated global manufacturer of key components for PEM electrolyzers including:

  • Stamped bipolar plates
  • Anodes flow fields from expanded metals
    • Novel alternative to sintered Porous Transport Layers constructed from expanded metal, resulting in fully controllable pore size and porosity, reduced layer thickness, ad lower tortuosity than sintered PTL’s.
    • Hole size: 60 μm – >20mm
    • Thickness: 50 μm – >1mm
  • Stack Hardware
    • End plates, Rods, High precision flat plates
  • Assemblies of these parts utilizing
    • Diffusion bonding, welding