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    At ACS, we manufacture critical components used in systems assemblies for a wide range of products spanning Green Energy, Clean Air Exhaust, Vehicle Safety and more. ACS is driving down the cost of H2 production by improving the design of mesh components in Electrolyzer Anodes and Cathodes. Our novel MicroExpan metal expanding technology produces the optimal porous transport layers for high throughput anode packs in PEM electrolyzers and further breakthroughs from our world-class R&D department are on their way.

  • ACS Automotive

    ACS is the world’s preeminent manufacturer of pyrotechnic airbag inflator filters coolants, and cushions. We are the only company to offer all the preferred filter media of knitted wire mesh, woven wire mesh, micro expanded metal, and sintered wound-wire. We also offer a wide array of automotive exhaust components from hot and cold end filters to sintered urea mixers and more.

  • The world’s largest vertically integrated wire mesh manufacturer.

Why Work With ACS Industries?

Unmatched Breadth of Expertise

ACS boasts a wide range of production capabilities including: woven metal mesh, expanded metal, knitted wire mesh, wire cloth, sintering and brazing, crimping, wire drawing, annealing, stamping, and even part assembly. These sweeping capabilities paired with the valuable engineer engagement ACS brings to every one of our projects, allow us to provide parts and solutions that fit seamlessly into our clients’ manufacturing operations.

A Trusted Supplier

Over the last 50 plus years ACS has been a trusted supplier to some of the world’s largest automotive OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers. We are the world leader in pyrotechnic airbag inflators and our automotive expertise also extends into hot and cold end exhaust components as well as an array of  safety components. We have consistently surpassed the scrupulous standards that suppliers of this industry are held to, resulting in many multi-decade prosperous partnerships with clients.

World-Class R&D

ACS maintains a state of the art R&D facility in Rhode Island, USA where we have developed many proprietary technologies including Variable Expanded Metal (V.E.M.) ™ metal expanders that apply intermittent changes in the dimensions of cuts to create variations in the open area that eliminate nesting when the material is wrapped to create layers. This automated process vastly improves final product performance as well as tight tolerance conformance while eliminating waste. ACS’s R&D team is actively working on several Green Energy initiatives including new technologies that bring down the cost of Hydrogen production.

Green Hydrogen Advancements

ACS is now leveraging our expertise in knitted wire mesh, woven wire, and expanded metal to support Green Hydrogen Production. ACS currently produces components and assemblies for both PEM and Alkaline Electrolyzers with more solutions on the way. Our novel 3D knitting process can cut down on materials and assembly time for alkaline electrolyzer construction by creating the optimal crimped knitted mesh layer with electrode layer knitted in. For PEM electrolyzers, we produce an alternative to traditional sintered porous transport layers consisting of high-throughput anode packs utilizing our MicroExpan ™ metal expanding technology for optimal performance. Our Green Hydrogen division is consistently finding new ways to apply our abundant engineering acumen to bring down the cost of hydrogen production.

ACS Global Reach

We offer rapid prototyping and have over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space across the globe, which allows us to scale new products smoothly from concept to mass production.

We have locations in Rhode Island and Texas, USA, as well as Romania, Mexico, China, India, and Germany with customer support representatives available in additional geographies. This means that wherever you are in the world, ACS has representatives nearby ready to begin solving for your manufacturing needs.

Our global sourcing strategy allows us to always find the best raw material fit for any given project.

Ubiquitous Engineering Support

Our engineers bring a wealth of experience and know-how to the table. They get involved early in each of our projects, often making site visits in order to make sure ACS is producing parts and components that fit perfectly into both your manufacturing process and your finished product. The ACS Engineering Team can often find novel ways to eliminate waste, speed up production time, or improve end-product performance by going beyond the drawings and developing a deep understanding of our clients’ operations.

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